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gc100   $100 gift certificate
144MemBk   $144 Craftsperson Membership & Book Special Deal
gc150   $150 gift certificate
194MemBk   $194 Artist Cambium Membership & Book Special Deal
gc200   $200 gift certificate
gc25   $25 gift certificate
gc250   $250 gift certificate
294MemBk   $294 Master Craftsperson Membership & Book Special Deal
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79MemBk   $79 Student Membership & Book Special Deal
99special   $99.00 Individual Membership & Book Special Deal
CAW-TOOL-001   8 Benjamin's Best HSS Lathe Chisel Set
CAW-0017   A Revolution In Wood, Bresler Collection
CAW-0014   A Sampling of Papers from the 1993 World Turning Conference
1-879335-99-9   American Lathe Builders
ISBN:-1879335999   American Lathe Builders: 1810-1910
ISBN:-1-892836-05-x   Appearance and Reality
CAW-0018   Art of Segmented Wood Turning
ISBN:-1-882295-16-1   Art of the Lathe | B.H. Fairchild
CAW-0000   Art of Wood Turning
CAW_M_006   Artist Cambium
CR01   Baby Stackers-Square
CR02   Baby Stackers-Triangle
CAW-TOOL-003   Barracuda 2 Lathe Key Chuck System
CAW-TOOL-002   Barracuda Lathe Chuck System
CAW-TOOL-004   Barracuda2 T/N Plated Special Edition Lathe Key Chuck System
BBRbk   Bartram Boxes Remix - 2014 Exhibition Catalogue
CAW-TOOL-005   Benjamin's Best Ultimate Hollowing Tool 6pc System
CAW-0001   Bibliography of the Art of Turning and Lathe and Machine Tool History
MD06   Bound Vessel II, 2013 ITE, Malcolm Martin & Gaynor Dowling
MG02   Bowl, Maple, Mark Gardner, 2013
K128   Bowl, with metal studs,1999, Stanley Rosland
CAW-DVD-001   Cabinets of Curiosities
CAW-0003   Cabinets of Curiosity
CAW_M_007   Cambium Circle $1,000 or more
CAW-OBJ-T   Center Logo T-Shirt
CAW-0002   Challenge VI | Roots: Insights and Inspirations in Contemporary Turned Objects
CAW-0010   Challenge VII: dysFUNctional
FPD1   Coaster Setof 6 , Five Ply Design, Floral
FPD2   Coaster Setof 6 , Five Ply Design, Loop
FPD3   Coaster Setof 6 , Five Ply Design, Organic
FPD   Coaster Setof 6 , Five Ply Design, Spiral
FPD4   Coaster Setof 6 , Five Ply Design, Vines
CAW-0011   Collaborations at the Echo Lake Conferences: The First Ten Year
CAW-0005   Connections: International Turning Exchange 1995-2005
CAW-DVD-003   Connections: Sweet Possibilities and Grave Self Doubts
CAW-0020   Conversations with Wood: Collection of Ruth and David Waterbury
CAW-0007   Craft in the Machine Age 1920-1945: The History of Twentieth-Century
CAW_M_003   Craftperson
CBGRN   Cubebot, green
CBNAT   Cubebot, natural
CBORG   Cubebot, orange
CBPK   Cubebot, pink
CBRED   Cubebot, red
CBYLW   Cubebot, yellow
CAW-0008   Curators Focus: Turning in Context
CAW-0009   Daniel Jackson: Dovetailing History
CAW-TOOL-006   Dedicated Bowl Finishing Chuck: with 1" x 8 tpi thread
CAW-0019   Ellsworth on Woodturning
CAW-0012   Enter the World of Lathe-turned Objects
ISBN:-0-967100-43-7   Focus on Materials: Furniture Studio 4
CAW-0021   Gord Peteran: Furniture Meets It's Maker
Decoy52012   Great Lakes Decoy Interpretations
CAW_M_005   Guild
SH13   Hogbin on Woodturning: Masterful Projects Uniting Purpose, Form & Technique
CAW-0022   Identifying Wood: Accurate Results with Simple Tools
CAW_M_001   Individual Membership
CAW-DVD-002   International Turning Exchange 2006
DK34   Letter Opener
MM84   Lidded Vessel, 1984, Michael Mode
ISBN:-0-9040716-06-2   Living With Form: The Horn Collection of Contemporary Craft
CAW-0024   Magic Realism: Material Illusions
Wand   Magic Wand 12"
ISBN:-978-1-56523-320-1   Make Your Own Walking Sticks: How to Craft Canes and Staffs from Rustic to Fancy
CAW_M_004   Master Craftperson
ISBN:-0-9709282-2-X   Michael Brolly: Cradle to cradle
ISBN:-978-0-942342-20-8   Michael Peterson: Evolution - Revolution
ISBN:-978-1-889937-11-3   Moulthrop: A Legacy in Wood
WI10   Mouse Pad
WAC-0013   New Masters of Woodturning - hardcover
ISBN:-1-56523-334   New Masters of Woodturning - softcover
ISBN:-1-879335-35-2   Ornamental Turning: A Work of Practical Instruction in the Above
CAW-0004   Papers from the 1997 World Turning Conference
LD03   Parcours Segmente', 2005 Pre-ITE, Luc De Roo
ISBN:-3-937390-34-0   Passion: Artists At The Wood Lathe
CAW-TOOL-007   Powergrip Barracuda4 Lathe Chuck System
puzzleflag   Puzzles, American Flag
puzzlebulldozer   Puzzles, Bulldozer
puzzleBusyhwy   Puzzles, Car & Trucks
puzzleearth   Puzzles, Earth
puzzlefarm   Puzzles, Farm Train
puzzlefiretruck   Puzzles, Fire Truck
puzzleLion   Puzzles, Lion
puzzleboat   Puzzles, Little Skipper
puzzlemap   Puzzles, Pirate Map
puzzlepirate   Puzzles, Pirate Ship
puzzlebus   Puzzles, School Bus
puzzletrain   Puzzles, Train
puzzlewhale   Puzzles, Whale
11712010   Redwood bowl, Jerry Kermode 7 1/2 "
ISBN:-978-1-58834-304-8   Revolution in Wood, Bresler Collection
CAW-0016   Revolving Techniques
ISBN:-0-9712772-65   River of Destiny, Binh Pho
CAW-OBJ-001   Robin Wood's Star Bowl
Cores   Robin Wood’s CORES Recycled
Coresoffer   Robin Wood’s CORES Recycled-Member Price
ISBN:-1-884240-29-1   Robyn Horn: Union of Souls
BP1   Shadow of the Turning, Binh Pho (hardcover)
BP   Shadow of the Turning, Binh Pho (softcover)
ISBN:-1-56098-831-2   Skilled Work: American Craft
25th-Port-HRD   SPECIAL: Turning to Art in Wood: A Creative Journey- Portfolio PLUS HARDCOVER Edition
CAW_M_002   Student Membership
GTBK   The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, Hardcover
ladybug   The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle
CAW-0023   The Lathe Book
ISBN:-0-9643999-1-1   The Nature and Aesthetics of Design
ISBN:-0-918804-76-0   The Workbench Book
ISBN:-978-1-5623-388-1   To Turn the Perfect Wooden Bowl,The Life Quest of Bob Stocksdale
ISBN-978-1-56158-508-3   Turning Bowls with Richard Raffan
ISBN:-1-56158-117-8   Turning for Furniture
ISBN:-1-879335-49-2   Turning Lathes
ISBN:-0-942391-38-1   Turning Projects with Richard Raffan
25th-hrdcvr   Turning to Art in Wood: A Creative Journey- Hardcover Edition
25th-Port   Turning to Art in Wood: A Creative Journey- Portfolio Edition
ISBN:-1-561158-417-7-   Turning Wood with Richard Raffan
Pencil   Twig colored pencils, bundle of 10
SRVase2   Vase, Anemone
SRVase1   Vase, Jasmine
SRVase   Vase, Lilac
SRVase3   Vase, Lotus
SRVase4   Vase, Poppy
MR16   Vessel, Marc Ricourt, Pre ITE 2000
CAW-0025   Wood Now
CAW-0026   Wood Turning in North America Since 1930 (hardcover)
CAW-0027   Wood Turning in North America Since 1930 (softcover)
ISBN:-0854421300   Wooden Bowl, The
CRcars   Wooden Cars- Camden Rose Toys
ISBN:-2-85101-05-6   Woodturning In France
MUR1   Written in Wood - Commemorative Greeting Card of the Mural
MUR2   Written in Wood - Commemorative Greeting Cards of the Mural (5 pack)
Hangups   Your Personal Hang-ups
HangupsOffer   Your Personal Hang-ups Member Price

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