Center for Art in Wood
Contemporary Woodturning Philadelphia

Since its inception in 1986, the Center for Art in Wood, formerly the Wood Turning Center, has been widely recognized by artists, collectors, scholars and the public as one of the most valuable resources for the education, preservation and promotion of the field of art made from wood.  The Center currently houses over 850 permanent collection objects, 25,000 artist files, and annually mounts 4-5 exhibitions of new work and museum collection objects. It stages an 8-week annual International Turning Exchange (ITE) residency program for artists, scholars and photojournalists, and has in-depth education and outreach programs.

The Center for Art in Wood grew out of a series of symposia and exhibitions held between 1976 and 1986. The organizers of these events were the LeCoff brothers, Albert and Alan, and Palmer Sharpless who are credited with helping to spur the “field” of wood turning.  Today, The Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia stands as an invaluable resource for study by scholars, educators, artists, students, museums, collectors and the general public of finely crafted and conceived wood objects.